First of all, thank you for spending your precious time reading about me and Productivity Hints.

About my search for stress-free productivity

I’ve always been interested in how to develop and maintain productive habits. My interest in this topic has taken me through lots of literature and testing different tools and principles.

80 20 rule on a coffee mug
The 80/20 rule goes hand in hand with my approach to stress-free productivity.

At the beginning of my career, I developed a time management system adequate for myself. But when I came into management and leadership, I had to adjust my toolbox to cover other people’s activities and deadlines too.

Kill complexity and favor flexibility

The truth is that I frequently invented complex and cumbersome systems. Consequently, instead of being productive, I was merely wasting time maintaining and “polishing” my tools. Therefore, I decided to kill complexity in my approach to time management. So now I use a flexible and easy way of keeping my calendar continuously in good shape.

Fortunately, I’ve never struggled with stress, even when working a lot. My vaccine against stress is to focus on what I’ve decided to do. And every day at work, I use my 4-step prioritization method to concentrate on essential things.

I’ve been using my current tools and principles as a leader for years now. Often I have the pleasure to inspire employees and colleagues with productive and time-saving tips. Therefore, I’ve decided to share my experience with all of you here at Productivity Hints.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions for a future article.

Best regards,
K. L. Simonsen
Founder & Administrator