Productive Home Office – 6 Great Tips

The way we work in our productive home office has changed drastically over the last several years. In the pre-COVID world, it was next to impossible to find a job that allowed you to work from home, and even if you did find a position, it was often a scam.

A productive and comfortable home office with the right equipment and lots of natural light and green plants.
Boost your productivity with a comfortable and productive home office

Social distancing guidelines related to the pandemic have led many companies to transition to a remote workforce, and now it seems that this arrangement is here to stay.

If you are new to remote work, you must create both a comfortable and efficient place to concentrate and get things done.

Here are some great tips shared by Productivity Hints for how to obtain as well as a productive home office as well as an comfortable environmental when working from home.

1. Find the Right Chair and Desk for Your Productive Home Office

To work for eight hours without pain or strain, you need to find an office chair that is both comfortable and supportive.

Before buying a chair, try out several and make sure they offer lumbar support to protect your back and a headrest to protect your neck.

When you sit, make sure to do so with your knees bent at 90 degrees and keep a straight posture.

Regarding the desk, you need to find one tall enough to place your computer monitor on top of it so that you don’t strain your neck as you look at it.

As a rule of thumb, the top of your computer monitor should be at eye level so you will look down slightly while you work.

If you want more activity during the day, consider finding a standing desk where you can stretch your legs and still finish your work.

2. Organization Is Key

You must set up your home office to stay organized and always find what you need at a moment’s notice.

Consider purchasing a wall organizer or a file cabinet where you can store your most important documents and other private information.

Many people also get a whiteboard that they can put on their walls. This option allows you to jot down quick notes when necessary, which is excellent for meetings with your coworkers.

Another way to stay organized is to clear all the unnecessary clutter out of the office and throw things out, so you only have what you need.

If you have a lot of paperwork over seven years old, consider shredding it, and don’t buy more office supplies than necessary, or they will clog up your space.

Time management is also essential when you are working from home. There can be a lot of distractions, so you must set goals throughout the day and stick to your schedule.

You also must ensure your family is aware of your work schedule and respects it.

One way to save more time is to scan all your important documents into the computer so you can file them accordingly and find them without leaving your chair.

3. Use Natural Light to Boost Your Productivity

Another significant design element that you should incorporate into your office space is free, and that is natural light.

Plenty of natural light in your office and home can help your well-being. Consider moving your desk closer to the window.

In addition to seeing your work without turning on the lights and wasting unnecessary electricity, you may also get more jobs done.

Studies have shown that working with natural light can help us to be more productive and can also help us to fight stress during our workday.

4. Consider Plants in Your Comfortable and Efficient Working Environment

closeup photography of green palm leaves

Just like natural light, placing a couple of plants around your office is also a safe way to become more productive and feel better at work.

Plants and the color green bring us back to a more natural place where we are less stressed and can focus more on our work.

Many plants will also purify the air so you can breathe easier while completing those complex projects.

5. Cut Down on Distractions

While saving electricity, you can also reduce distractions by keeping the television off during the workday.

Of course, you should take breaks during your day, and you can turn it on then, but really, it will just take your mind away from your work.

You can save even more energy by unplugging electronics even when they are off so you can avoid vampire loads that can leak electricity.

6. Technology Is Key in a Productive Home Office

In this advancing world, you need good tech to keep you going; the same goes for your home office.

For instance, you should have a phone and tablet charger nearby to keep your phone charged and stay connected with your coworkers and clients.

It would help if you also had a dependable modem and router so you could stay online and don’t have to worry about losing your internet connection when you need it the most.

A powerful computer that provides all the processing power you need to complete your tasks without any issues is also a good idea.

man in gray dress shirt sitting on chair in front of computer monitor

On top of that, you should also consider adding a second computer screen. That is the best way to see your essential data at once.

You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you are with a dual or wide monitor setup.

There are many ways that you can improve your home office space for maximum productivity.

Summing up: Productive Home Office – 6 Great Tips

  • Get a good chair and desk that will make you comfortable for hours.
  • Have your things organized to support productivity and reduce stress.
  • Plants and natural light are preferable. If natural light is not possible, get a bulb that simulates it.
  • Remove any distractions, and
  • Have the right tools and technology in your productive home office.

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